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Digital PR

The average monthly ROI of a brand working with etailPR Blogger Network is 300%.

Digital PR is a vital tool used in online marketing to increase brand awareness, exposure, traffic to your site and improve SEO.

The top UK and International bloggers are targeted to work with your brand in order to increase your online presence. These bloggers will drive traffic to your website, increase your brand awareness but will also create hundreds of inbound links to your website each month.

etailPR have a Blogger Network of over 3,000 UK and International bloggers allowing easy access to the influential online publishers who will promote your brand in multiple languages and cultures. The Blogger Network allows you to monitor the impact bloggers are having on your online marketing campaign through viewing traffic, sales and blog posts. It also allows you to easily improve your exposure through bloggers, uploading banners for bloggers to host, discount codes and promotions for them to pass to their readers.

Working with the etailPR Blogger Network allows brands to work as a collective, strengthening their appeal to bloggers and allowing them to gain access to contacts and opportunities that could otherwise be unavailable to a single brand.

The Digital PR package also improves the number of fans, interaction and engagement on your Facebook page through personalised plans, content and competitions. Improving your Facebook page in this way encourages loyalty in customers, provides a platform for customer service, allows daily promotion of your products to thousands of customers as well as increasing your brand awareness.

etailPR have created exciting blogger and press events for brands, increasing awareness both on and offline. Events include new collection showcases and advert previews. The Blogger Network ensures that the UK’s top bloggers are aware of these events and are encouraged to attend due to their experience of etailPR’s previous events.


It’s a pleasure receiving emails and working with Kim and Emily, both girls are so friendly and come across professional whilst adding a personal touch to their correspondence – something that is really appreciated as a blogger!

Eloise Smith,

I’m always happy to see an email from Kim at e-tailwebstores in my inbox! She always has something exciting to share with me, and she is an absolute pleasure to work with. The range of brands are awesome, and I’ve discovered some new favourite shops through working with e-tail!

Lyzi Unwin,

Receiving an email from Kim and Emily always brightens up my day as there’s always so many amazing opportunities with Etail Not only do they keep it professional but they always have time to add a personal message. And as a blogger, it is hugely appreciated. A warm, welcoming and wonderful company.

Katy McPhedran,